[drbd-mc] DRBD MC

Andres E. Rodriguez Lazo andreserl at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 18:23:22 CET 2009

Hi all,

I'm trying the DRBD MC with Jaunty Alpha 4.

I managed to get to the part where the DRBD MC checks if Heartbeat,
Heartbeat GUI, DRBD and udev are installed. I managed to install Heartbeat
and Heartbeat GUI through the DRBD MC and drbd8-utils package was installed
directly on the server. The problem here is udev. I tried installing it
through the DRBD MC with no luck, so i decided to install it manually. After
installing it, the DRBD MC wont recognize udev as installed, and when i
click over the INSTALL button, it fails...

So, how can i resolve this?

Thanks for help.

I'm attaching a screenshot.

PD. (I'm guessing as well that this might be a problem because of the kernel
I'm using... will try to do it with Ubuntu Hardy instead)
Andres E. Rodriguez Lazo (4nDr3s - RoAkSoAx)
Ubuntu Counter Project - User # 17582
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