[drbd-mc] DRBD-MC - debian lenny problem

For@ll forall at stalowka.info
Fri Feb 20 14:54:06 CET 2009


I'm try using drbd-mc to connection debian lenny where I have installed 
drbd 8.3.0 from source  and I have some like error:

detected: kn: Linux kv: 2.6.26-1-xen-686 a: i686 dv: 5.0 d: debian
kn: Linux kv: No Match a: null dv: debian-etch d: debian

version: debian-etch (support: LENNY)
DRBD package not available. -> drbd was commpiled from source

Available DRBD Packages (drbd1)
Trying to detect available packages. There should be one module and one 
util package if you use stock distribution kernel. If no package was 
auto-detected, you may choose appropriate kernel version in the pull 
down menu. It is also possible that packages were not build for your 
system at all. In that case contact LINBIT support and packages will be 
provided to you as soon as possible.

package not found

I'm can't use next,finish only back or cancel. It's not working if I 
have drbd from source not from packages?


For at ll

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