[DRBD-user] LINSTOR Operator v2.1.0 and v1.10.3

Moritz Wanzenböck moritz.wanzenboeck at linbit.com
Tue Apr 25 14:33:30 CEST 2023

Dear LINBIT SDS on Kubernetes users,

We've recently released updates for our Kubernetes Operator.

First, there is version v2.1.0 for users of our next-generation Operator.
Along with the common image updates, it's not possible to specify the URL
for an existing LINSTOR installation. The Operator will then skip
deployment of the LINSTOR Controller and will configure all other
components to use the existing cluster.

For users of Operator v1, there is now version v1.10.3. Along with the
common image updates, this version makes it possible to control the
verbosity of the Operator pod itself.

A reminder for users of Operator v1: We will maintain the existing Operator
v1 with bug fixes and new software versions until the end of 2023. We will
provide a dedicated upgrade path to Operator v2. We recommend all v1
installations to continue to use v1. For all new clusters we recommend
using v2.

To get specific instructions to apply the update, check our users guide: [1]

Source code is, as always, available upstream. [2]

Best regards,

[2]: https://github.com/piraeusdatastore/piraeus-operator

Operator v2.1.0 Changelog

### Added

- Ability to skip deploying the LINSTOR Controller by setting
- Automatically reconcile changed image configuration.

### Changed

- Fix an issue where the CSI node driver would use the CSI socket not
through the expected path in the container.
- Updated images:
  * LINSTOR 1.22.0
  * LINSTOR CSI 1.0.1
  * DRBD 9.2.3
  * DRBD Reactor 1.1.0
  * HA Controller 1.1.3
  * external CSI images upgraded to latest versions

Operator v1.10.3 Changelog

### Changed

- Switch controller logging to be controlled by the `zap-log-level` flag.
- Default images:
  * LINSTOR 1.22.0
  * LINSTOR CSI 1.0.1
  * DRBD 9.1.14
  * DRBD Reactor 1.1.0
  * external CSI images upgraded to latest versions
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