[DRBD-user] DRBD Trim Support

Eric Robinson eric.robinson at psmnv.com
Sat Jan 8 05:24:54 CET 2022

According to the documentation, SSD TRIM/Discard support has been in DRBD since version 8. DRBD is supposed to detect if the underlying storage supports trim and, if so, automatically enable it. However, I am unable to TRIM my DRBD volumes.

[root at ha50a mysqld]# fstrim /ha
fstrim: /ha: the discard operation is not supported

It looks like DRBD disk is the only thing in the stack that does not have trim enabled...

[root at ha50a mysqld]# lsblk -D
sda                        0        4K       2G         0
├─sda1                     0        4K       2G         0
├─sda2                     0        4K       2G         0
└─sda3                     0        4K       2G         0
  ├─ha50a-root             0        4K       2G         0
  └─ha50a-swap             0        4K       2G         0
nvme4n1                    0      512B       2T         0
nvme2n1                    0      512B       2T         0
nvme0n1                    0      512B       2T         0
└─vg0-ha--001_00000        0      512B       2T         0
  └─drbd1000               0        0B       0B         0
nvme3n1                    0      512B       2T         0
nvme1n1                    0      512B       2T         0
nvme5n1                    0      512B       2T         0

I can TRIM those drives when I don't have DRBD in the stack.

Any ideas?

[cid:image001.png at 01D803E2.22E588F0]<tel:113>

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