[DRBD-user] WinDRBD 1.0.0 released

Johannes Thoma johannes.thoma at linbit.com
Mon Feb 7 12:44:05 CET 2022

Dear DRBD and WinDRBD users,

Finally we are releasing WinDRBD 1.0.0, the first stable production-ready
version of WinDRBD after almost 5 years of development. This is an
important milestone in WinDRBD development. Technically it is
the same as the last rc20 release canidate with a few extra DRBD

At this point I would like to thank everybody who helped to make
this happen: Philipp Reisner and the DRBD team at Linbit, Sungeun
Kim and the WDRBD team at Mantech and many members of the
WinDRBD and DRBD community for testing and lots of ideas how
to improve WinDRBD.

This release is meant for using Microsoft Windows machines (and
Windows / Linux mixed setups) in an HA environment. The next
upcoming features are Secure Boot (we are already working on
this), using DRBD 9.1 as DRBD engine and last but not least,
LINSTOR support. If there is demand we may also continue our
work on Microsoft cluster manager integration, please let us
know when you need this. Also we can finalize WinDRBD as
root device ("C:") which already works but is complicated to
set up at the moment, again please drop us an eMail if this
feature is on your wishlist.

Since WinDRBD uses the original source code of DRBD internally,
the features of WinDRBD are almost the same as the ones of
DRBD. One noteable exception is auto promote which we don't
support because Windows starts accessing a Disk as soon as
it gets online (so nodes would compete for becoming Primary).
Therefore auto promote does not really make sense on the
Windows platforms.

As always we are providing a self-contained installer EXE for
Windows: unless you want to develop for WinDRBD yourself
it is recommended to use the installer since it also contains a
Linbit (DigiCert) signed driver (note that SecureBoot is not
supported yet):


Also, as always if you plan to use WinDRBD in your production
environment it is highly recommended and appreciated that you
talk to Linbit (www.linbit.com) for support options.

Thank you for using WinDRBD and looking forward to hearing
from you,

Best regards,

- Johannes
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