[DRBD-user] Mainline plans, compilation issues

Wouter de Geus wouter-linbit.com at owl-ict.nl
Wed Feb 2 16:10:32 CET 2022

Hi folks,

I've been running drbd 8.4 between 2 Xen nodes like a charm since ~2014.
One node just had its hardware upgraded, so I was looking into upgrading drbd as well.
Just built the latest longterm kernel which I'm trying this against - 5.15.19.

While it seems like 8.4->9.0 is a valid strategy, OR moving both (with downtime) to 9.$latest it seems like this is cumbersome.
Currently I'm happily using the 8.4.x versions that are in mainline, so my first question:
Do you have plans to upgrade mainline to v9, and when you do, will that be a new option or replace the old one?

Next: I can't get the sources compiled. Stood upside down to make `spatch` available since the patch service gave me a 400 Bad Request
for 9.0.32, but that then crashes with: cat: drbd-kernel-compat/patches/claim_disk__no_link__no_claim.patch: No such file or directory
For 9.1.5 I run into this one:
  CC [M]  /usr/src/drbd-9.1.5/drbd/drbd_req.o
  /usr/src/drbd-9.1.5/drbd/drbd_req.c: In function 'remote_due_to_read_balancing':
  /usr/src/drbd-9.1.5/drbd/drbd_req.c:1218:66: error: 'struct request_queue' has no member named 'backing_dev_info'
   1218 |                 bdi =& device->ldev->backing_bdev->bd_disk->queue->backing_dev_info;
         |                                                                  ^~
         scripts/Makefile.build:277: recipe for target '/usr/src/drbd-9.1.5/drbd/drbd_req.o' failed
         make[3]: *** [/usr/src/drbd-9.1.5/drbd/drbd_req.o] Error 1

Any suggestions, or should I stick with 8.4 and make my life easier?



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