[DRBD-user] Linstore: Renaming a resource possible?

Dr. Volker Jaenisch volker.jaenisch at inqbus.de
Thu May 20 17:39:35 CEST 2021

Dear Andreas!

> @Volker the community will be very happy if you provide a consistent and
> reliable patch.
Thank you for your confidence in me.

But, sorry, I program in Python, Cython and VUE.JS, and not in Java. I
fixed some things in drbdmanage (which was the Python predecessor of
linstor) and the proxmox interface for our internal purpose but Java is
definitively not my domain.

On the other hand according to their GH post the problem is not the code
only, but the DB structure and the overall design. Such things cannot be
fixed by a simple patch from a user. Such bad weeds hat to be rooted
out, deeply.

I have never said that it will be easy to fix, I just stated, that it
seems to be a mess if it is not easy to fix. I still cannot even grasp
the reality that vm-X-disk-Y is in any way the primary identifier in
linstor. I still hope that the GH statement was incorrect or misleading.

Before any patch could be thought of the linstor developers should give
the users at least a workaround how to fix this by hand. In the 10 year
doing clusters with DRBD it is the first time that I have the need to
rename a resource. It is truly a corner case but an IMHO important one.
The positive resonance here shows that I am not the only one with this
particular problem.

Proxmox for instance also states that (swapping VM devices) this is a
corner case, and that they do not have a Button for it. But in the same
instant they point to a documented workaround where the problem can be
solved by editing some config files. This is IMHO really enough to deal
with a corner case.

Even If I had to shut down my VM to fix the resource name it would be a
doable workaround. If you take into account the time to do the
alternative which is copying a terabyte of email storage from one
resource to an other simply because you cannot change the resource name,
even shutting down a VM to rename a resource by hand gets some appeal.

I am quite disappointed by linbit in the last years. DRBD was and still
is a top notch performance, a really good and reliable product, which I
would miss tremendously if it would vanish. But after the dumping of

drbdmanage, the DRBD-Proxmox struggle and the introduction of linstore,
working with DRBD9 has become a real pain.

I never thought I would, but I think I will have my eyes open in the
future to look for alternatives.



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