[DRBD-user] which tool should I use for scripting?

d tbsky tbskyd at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 08:19:25 CET 2021

Roland Kammerer <roland.kammerer at linbit.com>
> > which tool should I rely in the future? will "drbdadm status" stable
> > or I should monitor "drbdsetup events2"?
> IMO drbdsetup events2 and drbdsetup status --json are good candidates
> that we don't break just for fun, actually the opposite, we really try
> to not break them. "status --json" has the advantage, that well, it is
> already json and not something self invented. For events2 you would need
> to write some "parser" and if it only is grep to process events.
> Being biased, I'd say for "serious monitoring" you should eventually use
> one of drbdd's plugins, I expect prometheus.io integration very soon.
> For hackish self written scripts: events2, better 'status --json'. It
> depends how you monitoring looks like. If you just try to detect state
> changes like a resource is disconnected, or that the disk state changes
> from "foo" to "bar", that will land in drbdd very soon. I hope to
> release RC1 early next week. Then you will be able to write rules for
> almost arbitrary DRBD event changes like this:
> [[umh]]
> [[umh.resource]]
> name = "resource now primary"
> command = "/usr/local/bin/primary.sh"
> resource-name = "foo"
> old.role = "Secondary"
> new.role = "Primary"

thanks a lot for the detailed explanation!

it's amazing what drbdd can do. I need to think about what can we do
with this capability.
some of our scripts are working under pacemaker to add specific
functions for our need.
I think I will use "drbdsetup status --json" to rewrite them.

thanks again for your kindly help!

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