[DRBD-user] The Problem of File System Corruption w/DRBD

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Thu Jun 3 02:23:12 CEST 2021

On 2021-06-02 5:17 p.m., Eric Robinson wrote:
> Since DRBD lives below the filesystem, if the filesystem gets corrupted,
> then DRBD faithfully replicates the corruption to the other node. Thus
> the filesystem is the SPOF in an otherwise shared-nothing architecture.
> What is the recommended way (if there is one) to avoid the filesystem
> SPOF problem when clusters are based on DRBD?
> -Eric

To start, HA, like RAID, is not a replacement for backups. That is the
answer to a situation like this... HA (and other availability systems
like RAID) protect against component failure. If a node fails, the peer
recovers automatically and your services stay online. That's what DRBD
and other HA solutions strive to provide; uptime.

If you want to protect against corruption (accidental or intentional,
a-la cryptolockers), you need a robust backup system to _compliment_
your HA solution.

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