[DRBD-user] Slow bandwith

Baji Zsolt bajizs at cnt.rs
Thu Jan 7 10:10:14 CET 2021


I don't known what is the problem, cant solve. I have local storage with
hardware RAID 5 and nvme SSD cache (on LVM). When I test local storage
speed always get 90-110MB/s. But over DRBD this is 35-45MB/s between two
nodes. The nodes is not used now in production only for testing. Link
between servers is 10G SFP+ optic over Cisco Nexus 3K. I use 9k JumboFrame.

For setup I used linstor controller and client on both server (system
vill use more servers after successful setup). Try to cjhange
c-max-rate, sndbuf-size, c-fill-target, max-buffers, max-epoch-size...
Nothing changed, always get some results. I don't known why.

    latency         =    24.6 us
    msg_rate        =    40.6 K/sec
    loc_send_bytes  =    40.6 KB
    loc_recv_bytes  =    40.6 KB
    loc_send_msgs   =  40,603
    loc_recv_msgs   =  40,602
    rem_send_bytes  =    40.6 KB
    rem_recv_bytes  =    40.6 KB
    rem_send_msgs   =  40,602
    rem_recv_msgs   =  40,602
    bw          =    1.24 GB/sec
    msg_rate    =    18.9 K/sec
    send_bytes  =    2.48 GB
    send_msgs   =  37,776
    recv_bytes  =    2.47 GB
    recv_msgs   =  37,730


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