[DRBD-user] FailOver tests - Tiebreaker moves to StandAlone

GAVRILA Mihai-Virgil Mihai-Virgil.GAVRILA at frequentis.com
Fri Feb 26 12:36:29 CET 2021


We are using DRBD with a RHEL cluster in two nodes + diskless tiebreaker setup: Corosync, Pacemaker and DRBD(node1, node2, tiebreaker-diskless), our versions are kmod-drbd-9.0.27 and drbd-utils-9.12.1
We are testing failover scenarios on a physical environment with RedHat 7.6 by executing hard shutdowns on node1 and node 2 (we always start from a stable state with all nodes connected and up2date).

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