[DRBD-user] WinDRBD 1.0.0-rc8 released

Johannes Thoma johannes at johannesthoma.com
Mon Nov 9 15:32:08 CET 2020

Dear WinDRBD and DRBD users,

We've just released WinDRBD 1.0.0-rc8 with a few bug fixes in the Emulation layer. Especially these fixed system hangs at various places (such as hang in invalidate-remote loop), please see the closed issues on github for details. Also device sizes > 2 TB are now working (better) this was due a bug in the backing device driver of WinDRBD.

As always the WinDRBD install packages can be downloaded from:


Please report bugs in the github issue tracker:


Thanks for using WinDRBD,

- Johannes
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