[DRBD-user] STORK driver source code

kvaps kvapss at gmail.com
Sat May 16 23:57:12 CEST 2020

Hi, I'm trying to deploy stork driver using official documentation. But it
is not starting due wrong controller endpoint name:

time="2020-05-16T21:16:31Z" level=info msg="called: Init()"
time="2020-05-16T21:16:31Z" level=error msg="Error init'ing linstor driver:
error getting linstor endpoint: endpoints \"linstor-op-cs\" not found"
time="2020-05-16T21:16:31Z" level=info msg="Starting stork version
time="2020-05-16T21:16:31Z" level=info msg="Using driver linstor"
time="2020-05-16T21:16:31Z" level=fatal msg="Error getting Stork Driver
linstor: VolumeDriver with UID/Name: linstor not found"

I can't find any configuration options, also I can't find any source code
to check it out.

I've tried to assign similar variables like for csi-driver (LINSTOR_IP,
LS_USER_CERTIFICATE, LS_USER_KEY and LS_ROOT_CA), also try to create
service with `linstor-op-cs` name, but all my attempts to start the driver
were even.

- kvaps
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