[DRBD-user] WinDRBD 0.10.7 released

Johannes Thoma johannes at johannesthoma.com
Thu May 7 09:12:45 CEST 2020

Dear DRBD and WinDRBD community,

We proudly present WinDRBD 0.10.7: it has a set of new features that improve usability and feature completeness (compared to the Linux version of DRBD). Among the new features are:

Online verify (with crc32c checksum algorithm): Check if both backing devices contain the same data. This will be printed in the kernel log, so you will have to have logging configured.

drbdadm status and drbdsetup events2 as non-Administrator: Finally I got an idea how to implement drbdadm status as non-Administrator. Put shortly the WinDRBD threads (in the Linux emulation layer, struct task_struct) finally learned permissions (admin/no admin). We then added a new device object, just like the root object but permissions world accessible and set the permission to no admin when this object is opened (the drbd-utils try to open admin device object first, then when error is ACCESS_DENIED it tries to open the user object). Finally we check if the command is allowed for non-Admin users (there is a flag in the netlink packet descriptor) and allow netlink packets used for drbdadm status and drbdsetup events2.

The installer has learned to install the bus device needed for disk devices so a manual installation is not needed any more. This feature can cause problems on some systems so there is a checkbox to turn it off. If you have troubles with installing the bus device from the installer please report that.

Also the syslog IP address can finally be changed by a windrbd command (windrbd set-syslog-ip) at any time so one does not need a reboot any more when the syslog IP should be changed.

Please refer to the file WHATSNEW.md (https://github.com/LINBIT/windrbd/blob/master/WHATSNEW.md) for more features we've implemented in WinDRBD 0.10.7

As always an installable image with a signed driver can be downloaded from (attention the URL has changed):


Thank you for helping WinDRBD development by using it,

Best regards,

- Johannes
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