[DRBD-user] linstor-proxmox-5.1.0

Roland Kammerer roland.kammerer at linbit.com
Mon Jun 22 11:53:47 CEST 2020

Dear PVE-users,

This is a feature driven release that adds some improvements in the area
of snapshots.

- you can now create snapshots (that was possible since a long time),
  but now it is possible to also roll them back. This is limited to the
  last snapshot. This is a limitation LINSTOR has because of how ZFS
  works/how ZFS snapshots are handled. This might change in the future.
  Till then one has to make the destination snapshot the last one (i.e.,
  delete the ones in between).

- it is now possible to click the "backup" button of e.g., a running LXC
  container and create the backup via a snapshot. That said, while
  implementing this we found out that the PVE's built in backup does not
  handle disks that are not a multiple of 64K properly, which is very
  likely for DRBD devices/disks. This is not a regression, I'd assume
  this bug in PVE existed for a long time. For more information see the
  upstream bug report[1].


Regards, rck

[1] https://bugzilla.proxmox.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2811
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