[DRBD-user] drbd-9.0.23-1

Philipp Reisner philipp.reisner at linbit.com
Mon Jun 8 17:21:33 CEST 2020


it is out, finally! Upgrade from all 9.0.x versions to 9.0.23-1
recommended. A number of new tests were created while working on this

9.0.23-1 (api:genl2/proto:86-116/transport:14)
 * fix a deadlock (regression introduced in 9.0.22) that can happen when
   new current UUID is generated while a connection gets established
 * Do not create a new data generation if the node has
   'allow-remote-read = no' set, is primary, and the local disk fails
   (because it has no access to good data anyome)
 * fix a deadlock (regression introduced in 9.0.22) that can be
   triggered if a minor is added into a resource with an established
 * generate new UUID immediately if a primary loses a disk due to an IO
 * fix read requests on diskless nodes that hit a read error on a
   diskful node; the retry on another diskful node works, but a bug
   could lead to a log-storm on the diskless node
 * fix removal of diskless nodes from clusters with quorum enabled
   (initiated from the diskless itself)
 * fix wrongly declined state changes if connections are established
 * fix continuation of initial resync; before that the initial resync
   always started from the beginning if it was interrupted
 * use rwsem _non_owner() operations to avoid false positives of
   lock-dep when running on a debug kernel
 * fix a sometimes missed resync if only a diskless node was primary
   since the day0 UUID
 * fix a corner case where a SyncSource node does not recognise
   that a SyncTarget node declared the resync as finished
 * update compat up to Linux 5.6


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