[DRBD-user] drbd-9.0.27 [Re: drbd-9.0.26]

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Wed Dec 23 13:54:53 CET 2020

On Tue, Dec 22, 2020 at 11:43:01AM +0100, Philipp Reisner wrote:
> Dear DRBD users,
> This is a big release.
> The release candidate phase lasted more than a month.

And still did not catch a regression:
9.0.26 broke live-migration (dual-primary)
when both primary nodes are "diskful".

Live mimgration with one being a "diskless client" still worked.

We made sure our tests will now always cover
this "hyperconverged" live migration case.

9.0.27-1 (api:genl2/proto:86-118/transport:14)
 * Fix regression: allow live migration between two diskful peers again


> 9.0.26-1 (api:genl2/proto:86-118/transport:14)
> --------
>  * fix a source of possible data corruption; related to a resync and
>    a primary node that is connected to the sync-source node only
>  * fix for writes not getting mirrored over a connection while the primary
>    transitions through the WFBitMapS state
>  * complete size 0 reads immediately; some workloads (KVM and
>    iscsi targets) in combination with a ZFS zvol as the backend can lead to
>    a kernel OOPS in ZFS; this is a workaround in DRBD for that
>  * fix a crash if during resync a discard operation fails on the
>    resync-target node
>  * fix a case of a disk unexpectedly becoming Outdated by moving the
>    exchange of the initial packets into the body of the two-phase-commit
>    that happens at a connect
>  * fix for sporadic "Clearing bitmap UUID for node" log entries;
>    a potential source of problems later on leading to false split-brain
>    or unrelated data messages.
>  * retry connect properly in case of bitmap-uuid changes during the handshake
>  * completed missing logic of the new two-phase-commit based connect process;
>    avoid connecting partitions with a primary in each; ensure consistent
>    decisions if the connect attempt will be retried
>  * fix an unexpected occurrence of NetworkFailure state in a tight
>    drbdsetup disconnect; drbdsetup connect sequence
>  * fix online verify to return to Established from VerifyS if the VerifyT node
>    was temporarily Inconsistent during the run
>  * fix a corner case where a node ends up Outdated after the crash and rejoin
>    of a primary node
>  * pause a resync if the sync-source node becomes inconsistent; an example
>    is a cascading resync where the upstream resync aborts and leaves the
>    sync-source node for the downstream resync with an inconsistent disk;
>    note, the node at the end of the chain could still have an outdated disk
>    (better than inconsistent)
>  * reduce lock contention on the secondary for many resources; can improve
>    performance significantly
>  * fix online verify to not clamp disk states to UpToDate
>  * fix promoting resync-target nodes; the problem was that it could modify
>    the bitmap of an ongoing resync; which leads to alarming log messages
>  * allow force primary on a sync-target node by breaking the resync
>  * fix adding of new volumes to resources with a primary node
>  * reliably detect split brain situation on both nodes
>  * improve error reporting for failures during attach
>  * implement 'blockdev --setro' in DRBD
>  * following upstream changes to DRBD up to Linux 5.10 and ensure
>    compatibility with Linux 5.8, 5.9, and 5.10

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