[DRBD-user] drbd sycing again from the start

Robert Altnoeder robert.altnoeder at linbit.com
Fri Oct 18 11:57:34 CEST 2019

You should move directly to 9.0.20, the 9.0.16 release is missing
approximately 1 year of bug fixes that were applied in the meantime,

* Fix UUID handling of a diskless primary that has no peer with
  usable data may not touch the current UUID
* Fix resync-after dependencies; cross-resource dependencies
  and missing resources
* Fix resync when the sync source suddenly connects to a more recent
  data set via an other connection and becomes sync target on that
  other connection; pause first resync; fix wrong display of negative
  resync progress percentage in this case
* Fix volume numbers between 32767 and 65534
* Fix the data integrity implementation; it was broken since drbd-9.0
  and reported only false positives
* Fix for a corner-case when a promote action happens concurrently with
  a reconciliation resync
* Fix an IO deadlock under memory pressure
* Fix disconnect timing in case the network connection suddenly
  drops all packets
* Fix some misbehavior that surfaced with Ahead/Behind
* Fix potential spinlock deadlock in IRQ
* Fix detection of unstable resync
* Fix possible stuck resync when resync started from an other secondary
  and later continued from a primary
* Fix NULL dereference with disk-timeout enabled; was introduced in 9.0.9
* Fix quorum tie-breaker diskless logic for settings other than "majority"
* Fix dax_direct_access() error return check
* Fix resync stuck at near completion; bug was intorduces with 9.0.17
* Fix a case of false split brain detection [...]
* Fix after weak handling to not interfere with reconciliation resyncs
* Fix resync to make progress after it was paused by an other resync
* Fix restore of D_OUTDATED when the resource first only attached and
  then the peer objects are created (in contrast to the usual, new-peer,
  attach, connect)
* Fix a small memory-leak when creating peer devices
* Fix a possible information leak of kernel memory that pads net-link


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