[DRBD-user] How long does it take OOS to clear

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Mon Oct 7 16:55:06 CEST 2019

Out of Sync is a question of what has changed locally versus what has
reached the peer. It seems like you're generating changes on the Primary
faster than the Secondary can receive them. So one answer is to speed up
your replication link and/or the speed of the storage on the Secondary,
depending on which is the bottle-neck.

The other option is to switch to "Protocol C", which tells DRBD to not
consider a write complete until it has reached both nodes. This will
effectively slow down your Primary node's storage to whatever speed the
Secondary can be written to, however, and may not be acceptable in your
use case (see back to point 1 above).


On 2019-10-07 10:40 a.m., G C wrote:
> I have an instance that seems to get OOS down lower and once in a while
> it hits 0 but not very often.  Typically my oos is about 180000-200000,
> is there a way to clear this outside of the verify which takes a long
> time?  Is there something deeper I can dig into that would stop the oos
> from occurring?
> Thank you
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