[DRBD-user] linstor-proxmox hangs forever because of tainted kernel

Alexander Karamanlidis alexander.karamanlidis at lindenbaum.eu
Wed May 29 13:58:29 CEST 2019

Am 29.05.19 um 11:57 schrieb Robert Altnoeder:
> On 5/29/19 11:02 AM, Alexander Karamanlidis wrote:
>> The subtask is the command linstor is executing above.
>> "lvs -o lv_name,lv_path,lv_size,vg_name,pool_lv,data_percent,lv_attr
>> --separator ";" --noheadings --units k --nosuffix drbdpool"
> I was referring to the output
>> VM 102 qmp command 'savevm-end' failed - unable to connect to VM 102
>> qmp socket - timeout after 5992 retries
>> snapshot create failed: starting cleanup
>> error with cfs lock 'storage-drbdpool': Could not remove
>> vm-102-state-test123: got lock timeout - aborting command
> which seems to be triggered by LVM, since LINSTOR itself does not execute any savevm-end commands.
>> We didn't configure anything special for our LVM_THIN Storage pools,
>> except, that we increased the metadata size to 4G.
>> And i couldn't get any information about settings to set when using
>> linstor with proxmox and LVM_THIN Storage-Pools.
> From what I was able to dig up right now in our log of various issues
> related to timeouts and LVM, you may need to configure global_filter in
> lvm.conf to filter "/dev/drbd.*" (all devices starting with /dev/drbd)
> to prevent LVM from scanning DRBD devices.

This actually worked perfectly.
But as we found out now, the snapshot functionality in this state is a
bit useless for our use.
Still, thank you for the support!
Our global_filter looks like this now:
global_filter = [ "r|/dev/zd.*|", "r|/dev/mapper/pve-.*|",
"r|/dev/drbd.*|" ]

> br,
> Robert



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