[DRBD-user] Storage driver 'LVM_THIN' not allowed for volume

Gábor Hernádi gabor.hernadi at linbit.com
Thu May 9 07:46:34 CEST 2019


I am quite sure that you actually don't want Linstor / DRBD to migrate a
volume from a LVM pool into a volume from a LVM_THIN pool. If you would do
that, DRBD would (have to) trigger a full resync, replcating the whole
content of the LVM volume to the LVM_THIN volume, making the usage of the
thin provisioning completely useless.

One possibility is to manually copy the data to the new LVM_THIN volume,
which should be named exactly as the old one (as it has to be in a
different pool, there should be no naming conflict). Once the copy is
finished, remove all linstor resources of that resource-definition, and
re-add the resources using the new LVM_THIN storage pool. Linstor's LVM
driver (and thus also the LVM_THIN driver) only looks for the
pool/identfier combination. If that matches, Linstor just starts using it.
If you also successfully copied the DRBD metadata, also the DRBD layer will
find them and basically the whole satellite no-ops (beside a safety
"drbdadm adjust <resource_name>")

Hope that helps,
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