[DRBD-user] Error message: Failed to create meta-data for DRBD volume

Gábor Hernádi gabor.hernadi at linbit.com
Thu May 9 07:18:34 CEST 2019


> Have you tried managing this resource by other means, like by using
> drbdtop or drbdadm commands ?
> Yes, drbdadm always say:
>     no resources defined!
> despite the resource definition file is there:
>     /var/lib/linstor.d/vm-100-disk-1.res

That still means that you have misconfigured DRBD itself or at least the
necessary linstor-resources.res

This is what my testsystems looks like:

# cat /etc/drbd.conf
include "drbd.d/global_common.conf";
include "drbd.d/*.res";
include "/var/lib/drbd.d/*.res";

# cat /etc/drbd.d/linstor-resources.res
# This line was generated by linstor
include "/var/lib/linstor.d/*.res";

# ls /var/lib/linstor.d

please make sure that you have no typo in any of the mentioned config files.
you said that you already have some resource files in /var/lib/linstor.d
(like my "testrsc.res"). If you have configured DRBD properly, you should
see even with a stopped linstor something like

# drbdadm status
testrsc role:Secondary

or if (for whatever reason) someone stopped that resource (or all), you
should at least have drbdadm find the corresponding .res file with

# drbdadm dump testrsc
# resource testrsc on bravo: not ignored, not stacked
# defined at /var/lib/linstor.d/testrsc.res:4
resource testrsc {
    template-file /var/lib/linstor.d/linstor_common.conf;
    on bravo {
        node-id 0;
        volume 0 {
            device       minor 1000;
            disk         /dev/scratch/testrsc_00000;
            meta-disk    internal;
    net {
        cram-hmac-alg    sha1;
        shared-secret    "Eimjfr+S8G7e+HNDZMD7";

Best regards,
Gabor Hernadi
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