[DRBD-user] Missing Linstor/DRBD resource files after reboot

Gianni Milo Gianni.Milo at outlook.com
Thu Mar 28 09:59:21 CET 2019

>> After a reboot the node is usually missing some of the .res files 

Can you provide more details on how is your linstor-controller configured ? For example, in the users guide it is recommended to setup a dedicated VM in Proxmox just for the linstor-controller. Is that the way you have configured yours ?

I have seen the same behaviour (all res files are being deleted from /var/lib/linstor.d only when all proxmox nodes went down and I have to restart them).

>>If you need those .res files for whatever reason before the controller is able to connect the the satellite, you will have to modify the service file starting the satellite and add a >>`--keep-res "your regex here"`. Every full path like "/var/lib/linstor.d/resource_name.res" that matches your regular expression will not be deleted on startup.

Assuming that the linstor-controller VM resides in a resource named vm-100-disk-1 , should the following resolve this issue...

$ systemctl  edit linstor-satellite

Add the following content...


ExecStart=/usr/share/linstor-server/bin/Satellite --logs=/var/log/linstor-satellite --config-directory=/etc/linstor --keep-res vm-100-disk-1

In the documentation it is stated that drbd.service must be enabled as well to prevent deleting (and bringing up) the controller VM resource file.


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