[DRBD-user] Add new replica to existing resource

robinlee at post.cz robinlee at post.cz
Thu Mar 14 01:12:53 CET 2019


I installed DRBD/Linstor on proxmox with redundancy 1, after adding second 
node to the cluster I would like to expand the resources to another node = 
redundancy 2.

The new resources seems be OK, but the older one, created with redundancy 1 
seems be not mirroing to another side. I just called 

linstor resource create <second-node-name> vm-108-disk-1 --storage-pool 

now I see that the resource has two volumes, but the second one is actually 
empty, the content wasn't copied there.

How can I mirror the old volumes content to the new node, or better, how can
I correctly add new linstor node to the cluster? The proxmox nodes are 
connected and live migration works, but only for the new VMs, not the older 


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