[DRBD-user] Linux 5.0 type of queue_lock has been changed/ drbd module error

cbox at gmx.net cbox at gmx.net
Wed Mar 6 00:03:31 CET 2019


Kernel 5.0.0
File  include/linux/blkdev.h

queue_lock is no longer a pointer:

struct request_queue {
   spinlock_t queue_lock;

Kernel 4.20.13
struct request_queue {
   spinlock_t *queue_lock;

This triggers a type error/breaks building drbd 9.0.16 module
drbd/drbd_main.c Line 3738
q->queue_lock = &resource->req_lock;

The question is what is wrong: Kernel or DRBD?

To build the module remove address operator:
q->queue_lock = resource->req_lock;

Is this correct?

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