[DRBD-user] Linstor-server 0.9.12, python-linstor 0.9.8, linstor-client 0.9.8

Rene Peinthor rene.peinthor at linbit.com
Tue Jun 25 12:50:23 CEST 2019


This linstor-server release finally removes the "old" protobuf-API and now
will only
work with the REST-API and will only work with newer clients.
Additionally it has some bug fixes and it is now possible to throttle IO
via cgroups
and has added a /health URL that can be used for kubernets liveness checks.

Here the more detailed changelog:

linstor-server 0.9.12
 * Protobuf-API was removed, client 0.9.3 will NOT work anymore
 * Added: modify volume rest uri, REST-API version 1.0.6
 * Added: /health HTTP GET entry point usable for kubernetes liveness checks
 * Allow throttling of IO fia cgroups blkio
 * Enabled NVME on top of LUKS layer
 * Fixed: Access to deleted data errors on satellite on resource delete
 * Fixed: Hostname check on satellites using DRBD
 * Fixed: list error reports if error report is from the future (time
 * Fixed: Allow PrefNic property on nodes
 * Fixed: Incorrect allocation size on lvmthin


python-linstor 0.9.8
 * Added: linstor.volume_modify method
 * Fixed: None port output in curl-mode


linstor-client 0.9.8
 * Added: volume subcommand with list, list-properties and set-property
 * Fixed: storage pool list properties command
 * Fixed: curl-mode output for list properties commands


Linstor PPA:

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