[DRBD-user] Managed to corrupt a drbd9 resource, but don't fully understand how

Eddie Chapman eddie at ehuk.net
Tue Jul 30 12:59:33 CEST 2019

On 29/07/2019 10:34, Eddie Chapman wrote:
> Hello,
> I've managed to corrupt one of the drbd9 resources on one of my 
> production servers, now I'm trying to figure out exactly what happened 
> so I can try and recover the data. I wonder if anyone might understand 
> what went wrong here ( apart from the fact that PEBCAK :-) )?

That was a very long email from me yesterday, most people don't have 
time for that, so actually let me boil it down to just this question:

Should I be able to run lvextend on a backing device of a live drbd 
resource, but then safely be able to abort everything and "down" the 
resource, without telling drbd to resize it or do anything to it? Or is 
it expected that doing something like that will lead to data corruption 
so just "Dont Do That"?

It's an important question for me to understand as I use drbd on a lot 
of servers and often do very advanced things with the layers below drbd. 
If I find myself in a similar situation again would be good to know for 
sure what is and is not expected behaviour.


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