[DRBD-user] Number of nodes supported for DRBD

Robert Altnoeder robert.altnoeder at linbit.com
Thu Feb 21 10:13:13 CET 2019

On 2/21/19 8:46 AM, Digimer wrote:
> On 2019-02-20 4:05 a.m., Malhar vora wrote:
>> Hi Experts,
>> Does anyone know how many nodes can be supported for DRBD ?
>> Can DRBD support count like 1000+ nodes ?
> 16 nodes.
> https://docs.linbit.com/docs/users-guide-9.0/#ch-configure
> Subsection 9.1.4;
> ====
> For (the current) maximum of 16 nodes there’ll be 120 host pairs to connect.
> ====
Oops. Looks like we should have updated that a while ago, it's actually
32 (which results in 496 pairs)

This is a per-resource limit. One resource can be connected to 31 peers,
but another resource on the same server could be connected to another 31
different peers.

Regarding LINSTOR, which acts as the management layer for some DRBD
installations, the maximum number of nodes in a cluster is in practice
limited by the effects of other limits, such as the maximum message
size, the amount of memory available, various performance figures, etc.
The theoretical absolute maximum would be 2,147,483,647 nodes, which is
virtually impossible to reach in any practical application.

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