[DRBD-user] Best Practice wanted for DRBD8 / KVM Cluster

Chris Hartman qrstuv at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 07:52:38 CET 2019


I actually messaged about this several months(?) ago, though you
articulated it better than I.

I run a 2-node HA VM Cluster with KVM/pacemaker on top of DRBD 8.4 very
comparable to your hardware.and have experienced similar symptoms during
backup procedures. When it's really bad, one node will fence the other
because the remote disk becomes unresponsive past the DRBD timeout
threshold (auto calculated around 42 seconds).

My only work around has been to keep all VMs on a single node at a time and
manually move all nodes periodically- this setup tolerates the I/O spike
much better. However, we don't get the performance benefit of having both
nodes active, not to mention the added administrative overhead.

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