[DRBD-user] LINSTOR on PROXMOX : How to deploy ressources on a new satellite?

Igor Cicimov igorc at encompasscorporation.com
Sun Feb 3 00:25:16 CET 2019

On Sun, 3 Feb 2019 3:42 am Yannis Milios <yannis.milios at gmail.com wrote:

> You have to specify which storage pool to use for the resource, otherwise
> it will default to 'DfltStorPool', which does not exist. So that would be
> something like this...
> $ linstor resource create pve3 vm-400-disk-1 --storage-pool <storage_pool>
> It might be also wise to check and compare the settings of the resource on
> an existing node, and then add any missing entries for the resource on the
> new node. For example ..
> $ linstor rd lp pve2 vm-400-disk-1    #This will show the settings for
>> vm-400-disk-1 on node pve2
>> $ linstor rd lp pve3 vm-400-disk-1    #This will show the settings for
>> vm-400-disk-1 on node pve3
> Compare settings, and if needed add any missing entries. This is only
> needed for the existing resources.

Are you saying this needs to be done for every single resource potentially
hundreds of vm's with multiple disks attached? This sounds like a huge pita.

Any new resources (VMs) you create on Proxmox will be automatically created
> with the correct settings (assuming that you have increased redundancy from
> 2 to 3 in /etc/pve/storage.cfg).
> P.S
> I strongly recommend using 'linstor interactive' mode to familiarise
> yourself to linstor command line parameters.
> Yannis
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