[DRBD-user] Failed starting drbd after updating Fedora 30

Eddie Chapman eddie at ehuk.net
Tue Aug 13 19:34:44 CEST 2019

On 13/08/2019 16:22, Jamie wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 13, 2019 at 17:17:31, Jamie wrote:
>> Sorry, I tried posting this message this morning and something 
>> apparently didn't work out correctly... :(
> Okay, consider me stupid...? Somehow, I couldn't see my post from this 
> morning until just a moment ago. I apologize for the double posting. 
> *heads desk*

I think it was just queued waiting for moderator approval, as I also 
didn't get your original message from the until about 4.5 hrs after you 
sent it.

Anyway, I believe the issue Roland was referring to is being discussed 
on the Linux kernel mailing list at the moment, I spotted it the other 
day when reading the stable releases list.


Christoph Böhmwalder from LINBIT has posted a proposed fix for the 
issue, which is basically a regression in drbd mainline which was 
accidentally introduced by a tree-wide code change, and which you and 
others appear to have been bitten by.

The thing is, Christoph and Roland are just now in the process of 
getting their proposed fix (which isn't a simple revert as it was a 
tree-wide change) accepted by the block subsytem maintainer, and then it 
will end up in Linus Torvald's tree once the maintainer submits his next 
batch of fixes to Linus. Once that happens, you have to wait for it to 
eventually be backported by someone and accepted into one of the 
frequent upstream kernel stable releases (the rule is all stable patches 
must exist in Linus' tree first), and then hopefully Fedora will pick it 
up and apply it to their kernel. Once Fedora has released an updated 
kernel you would then finally see the fix when you install that.

Personally I would just upgrade to drbd 9 and then you don't have to 
wait for the above process :-) (as the issue only affects drbd 8)

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