[DRBD-user] Is it free?

Vito Botta vito at botta.me
Wed Aug 7 02:47:32 CEST 2019

Hi! I just started playing with Linstor with Kubernetes and I really like it so far, although it wasn't as straightforward to install as other options for Kubernetes.

Just to be sure, can I use it without limits to the amount of storage or the number of servers even if I don't need the paid support for now? Or are there any limits? I can't find anything in the docs about this but I want to be sure. I am a team of one and have left my job to try something of my own so I don\t really have a budget for paid services for now. I am evaluating Kubernetes for a project and for me storage has been a pain point (I want to manage K8s myself). Linstor looks cool, it's very fast and replication seems to work well, so after I have had several issues with other options I think I may actually use this.

So it seems that the Kubernetes support is recen but the actual storage software has been around for a while, is this correct? What I am wondering is, is Linstor battle tested in production? 

Another question: can Linstor manage volumes that actually use more disk space than the size of a single disk? Does Linstor spread the data across disks if needed, like Ceph does?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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