[DRBD-user] Missing Linstor/DRBD resource files after reboot

Nicholas Morton kmorton at cancinc.com
Wed Apr 10 17:17:18 CEST 2019

Update on this. After making changes to the lvm.conf I haven't had an issue
with resource definitions repopulating after a restart.

Specifically what I did was add
, "r|/dev/drbd|", "r|.*/vm-.*|"
to the global_filter so that LVM would no longer attempt to scan any of the
DRBD block devices nor the LVs backing them.
Thanks again for the help :)

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I believe I may have discovered the cause of my problem.

I rebooted one of the servers and of course it only had 13 of 28 resources
repopulated in /var/lib/linstor.d/
The Linstor controller didn't produce any errors, but the satellite made 88
error reports.
Almost every single error was related to linstor running "vgs" and it timing

    Failed to verify volume group name
    External command timed out
Additional information:
    External command: vgs -o vg_name --noheadings

A quick google search for slow vgs respone lead me to "vgs -vvv" and I found
that when the LVM was scanning for physical devices it was getting hung up
on a drbd device.

root at vmhost5:~# vgs -vvv
        /dev/sde1: Skipping (regex)
        /dev/sdf: Skipping (regex)
        /dev/sdg: Skipping (regex)
        /dev/drbd1000: open failed: Wrong medium type
        /dev/drbd1000: Skipping: open failed
        Opened /dev/drbd1001 RO O_DIRECT
      /dev/drbd1001: size is 134221744 sectors
There was a long pause on screen between the line skipping /dev/sdg and
/dev/drbd1000 open failed

I've added "r|/dev/drbd*|" to my lvm.conf filter and will be working on
tuning it further. I hope/believe that will solve my issue. After a few days
and some testing, I'll report my results.
Running vgs didn't take particularly long, so I don't think the
linstor-satellite timeout period is very long.

Kyle Morton | IT Admin
O: (800) 803-6070 x240
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