[DRBD-user] Linster-server v0.7.0, Linstor-client 0.7.0 release

Rene Peinthor rene.peinthor at linbit.com
Tue Oct 30 13:55:56 CET 2018

Hi All!

New Linstor release that comes with support for basic DRBD proxy
improved drbdmanage migration, auto-place uses now the actual thin
pool size(with oversubscription ratio), and a bunch of bug fixes.

Here more release details:

linstor-server 0.7.0
 * Basic DRBD Proxy support
 * Resource can now created in a batch (used for drbdmigrate)
 * More synchronous operations (auto-place, storage-pool create)
 * linstor-config: improved sql-script command
 * Added list API for resource connection
 * Fix: drbdsetup events2 parsing will be restarted if process dies
 * Fix: resource create check available size
 * Fix: Delete snapshots on node lost command
 * Fix: SSL configurations files are now resolved from config directory
 * Fix: Some race conditions are avoided


linstor-client/python-linstor 0.7.0
 * Added Proxy configuration commands
 * Synchronous auto-place and storage-pool create commands
 * Resource connection commands (list, props, drbd options)
 * Improved table rendering
 * error list --since allows now hours to be specified


Linstor PPA:

Best regards,
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