[DRBD-user] drbd-utils-9.6.0

Roland Kammerer roland.kammerer at linbit.com
Mon Oct 29 14:16:06 CET 2018

Hi DRBD users,

This is drbd-utils release 9.6.0. There is no pressure to update
immediately, it is just that "git log v9.5.0..HEAD --pretty=oneline |
wc -l" has 50 commits, so it is time...

There are minor bug fixes all over the place, see the Changelog/git
history for details.

"Breaking" changes one should be aware of:
- JSON output of drbdsetup status does not contain NaN/Infinity any
  more for numbers. While obviously a bug-fix, it changes the output, so
  it is worth mentioning.
- drbd-overview is gone. We have nicer tools (drbdtop and drbdmon), and
  it was marked deprecated for several releases. I really wanted to get
  rid of the Perl dependency. It is still in the git repo for people
  that want it. For state/bug reports, just use "cat /proc/drbd" and/or
  "drbdsetup status -vs".
- The Makefile does not generate "-debian" tarballs anymore. If you
  really need that, please see 8f402c33940a7fc612ce2fb36f29e4ff8f30c7c4.

 * usage-count: also count notty users if possible.
 * drbd-overview: remove it, we have drbdtop/drbdmon. saves all the Perl deps.
 * drbdmon: update frequency limiting, debug log for drbdevents, use
 * drbdsetup show: on 9 allow json output.
   mainly used in our CI, don't expect a stable field names yet.
 * drbdsetup satus: on 9 fix json output to not include NaN/Infinity
 * allow higher resync rates: first customers hit a limit. this requires an
   updated kernel module as well (e.g., 9.0.16)
 * init: fix some 8-only leftovers (sh-b-pri), sanitize the retry logic
 * doc: document various 9 features that got forgotten (e.g., quorum-lost)
 * build: various small fixes that popped up while playing with meson


Regards, rck
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