[DRBD-user] drbdmanage issues

Habicht, Mathew (MHABICHT) MHABICHT at arinc.com
Tue Oct 23 14:43:32 CEST 2018

I have used drbd with Pacemaker with no problems. I am now trying to configure drbd with Kubernetes. From the short video I watch it shows I need to use drbdmanage, however when I do I get errors. I have not been able to find the answers for what the problem is or how to configure drbdmanage, so of the answers I have found makes it seem like I should be using linstor but it is unclear.

So how to I start my 2 node cluster?

# drbdmanage list-nodes
Waiting for server: ...............
Error: Startup not successful (no quorum? not *both* nodes up in a 2 node cluster?)


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