[DRBD-user] slow sync speed

Robert Altnoeder robert.altnoeder at linbit.com
Thu Oct 11 16:06:35 CEST 2018

On 10/11/2018 03:56 PM, Oleksiy Evin wrote:
> Try to remove the following:
> c-fill-target 24M;
> c-min-rate 80M;
> c-max-rate 720M;
> sndbuf-size 1024k;
> rcvbuf-size 2048k;
> Then gradually increase max-buffers from 4K to 12K checking its impact
> to the sync speed. Make sure you have the same config on both nodes
> and apply the changes with "drbdadm adjust all" on both nodes too.

Also, I guess you probably expect c-min-rate to do something completely
different from what it actually does - might want to read the manual for
that option.


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