[DRBD-user] linstor-proxmox snapshots causes tainted kernel

Silvio Massina smassina at cdbergamo.it
Thu Nov 22 18:54:45 CET 2018

In brief:
seen similar problem. Solved adding  "r|/dev/drbd.*|" to global_filter
in lvm.conf

In detail:
I've seen a similar issue as the one described by Greb: taking a
snapshot (either from Proxmox web gui or from the command line with
linstor) resulted in an error (Storage configuration exception).

I've also noticed that, on all the satellite nodes:

* lvdisplay command became unresponsive
* could not interrupt the (unresponsive) lvdisplay with ctrl+c
* dmesg repetedly reported an hung task (vgs)
* drbdadmin status reported (for the snapshotted resource):

vm-101-disk-1 role:Secondary suspended:user
  disk:UpToDate blocked:upper
  n01-pve role:Secondary

* drbdsetup resume-io <MINOR of the suspended resource> made lvdisplay
responsive again and stopped the hung-task errors in dmesg

I suspect vgs hung while scanning block devices, when meeting the
io-suspended drbdXXXX resource.
Adding "r|/dev/drbd.*|" to global_filter in lvm.conf seems to solve
all the issues for me.


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