[DRBD-user] linstor-proxmox controller toggle tests

opengreb at free.fr opengreb at free.fr
Wed Nov 14 13:09:33 CET 2018

Not at quite.
First of all, I thank Yannis; we had a little exchanged on the subject and he brought a solution.
The problem occurs when there is only one drbd node available regardless of the context, whether the remaining node has been restarted or not.
The started vms that we stopped can not restart and the vms that were already stopped can not start.
The following error is then handled: drbdsetup wait-connect-resource vm-xxx-disk-x
As long as a peer resource is not available to respond, operations fail. A timeout is then generated.
The solution Yannis has found is simply to disconnect the resource before starting the vm. (drbdadm disconnect vm-xxx-disk-x or with drbdtop)
Maybe there is another way or a method that Linbit recommends, but it works.
Thanks again to Yannis


> Robert Altnoeder robert.altnoeder at linbit.com
> Tue Nov 13 13:25:28 CET 2018
> If I remember correctly, you said that you have this problem during
> startup of one node if the other one is not online. My guess would be
> that you have some DRBD startup action/script/etc in your system's
> startup, and that is what makes DRBD (or rather the drbd utils) wait for
> the peer resource on the other node to connect. If you want to enable a
> DRBD device regardless of whether the other node is available or not,
> then waiting for the peer resources does not serve any purpose, and a
> simple 'drbdadm up' would suffice.
> br,

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