[DRBD-user] linstor-proxmox controller toggle tests

Greb opengreb at free.fr
Tue Nov 13 12:01:44 CET 2018

> Robert Altnoeder
> Mon Nov 12 10:04:03 CET 2018
> As far as I know, Proxmox does not need 3 nodes and/or a quorum, and 
> the
> LINSTOR controller does not care either.

Hello Robert,

By default, Proxmox needs the quorum to work correctly in cluster but 
can work very well with 2 nodes by setting the corosync.conf.
To activate the proxmox HA, the minimum required is 3 nodes.

You confirm that the linstor / drbd operation is entirely possible with 
2 nodes. Perfect.

In my case, I do not necessarily look for high availability of the 
controller from the moment when manual recovery is possible.
And so, I do not understand why, since one of the 2 nodes is stopped 
(even the non-controller node), my test vm can not restart once stopped 
an this error appears :

TASK ERROR: command 'drbdsetup wait-connect-resource vm-900-disk-1'
failed: got timeout

It is very disturbing since on the other hand the other tests give 
satisfactions (migration of vm, resize disk or moving...) and the 
information reported by Linstor seem good.

> Check out those articles:
> https://www.linbit.com/en/linstor-controller-proxmox/
> https://www.linbit.com/en/linstor-setup-proxmox-ve-volumes/
> br,
> Robert

I had followed this very good documentation to install my model except 
for setting high availability of course, but I do not see where my error 
is and I have no additional information in the logs.
Would you have an idea of what I would have forgotten or a track to look 
more precisely at the source of the problem ?

Thank you Robert,


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