[DRBD-user] drbdmanage & dbus: object path contains invalid character

Wolfgang Walkowiak walkowiak at hep.physik.uni-siegen.de
Wed May 30 15:00:30 CEST 2018

Hi Robert and Roland,

thank you for your responses.  In the end it turned out that there
was another issue (oversight on our side), why a
   drbdmanage import-ctrlvol -f <file>
call didn't modify the control volume configuration at all as a
subsequent call to 'drbdmanage export-ctrlvol' showed.
(Importing a slightly modified earlier control volume dump.)

The reason we tried this is that we are using DRBD9 volumes as data 
volumes (second and third disks) for proxmox VMs and that we wanted
to move volumes from one VM to another which involves renaming the
DRBD volumes.  Unfortunately, drbdmanage doesn't provide any
renaming functionality.  We figured out a procedure to achieve our goal,
but it involves a lot of manual interventions and some manipulation of
the drbdmanage control volume.

But as you say, you'll replace drbdmanage by LINSTOR and therefore I won't 
ask for such a rename feature for drbdmanage.  But it would be great if 
LINSTOR will provide this feature.

By the way, do you plan to provide a proxmox plugin for LINSTOR as well?
(If not, we'll start now to migrate away from using shared DRBD as storage 
for our proxmox cluster ...)

Thank you,


On Wed, 30 May 2018, Robert Altnoeder wrote:

> Hello,
> On 05/29/2018 09:29 PM, Wolfgang Walkowiak wrote:
>> Et voila, the reason appears:
>> drbdmanaged[38297]: ERROR      Signal creation failed, unhandled
>> exception encountered
>> drbdmanaged[38297]: ERROR      Exception: Invalid object path
>> '/objects/assignments/monetbase2/vm-1801-disk-1': contains invalid
>> character '-'
> [...]
>> It would be great if the corresponding developers of drbdmanage could
>> have a look at this issue and propose a fix.
> Thanks for investigating, anyway, our goal is to replace drbdmanage with
> LINSTOR, including a migration path from drbdmanage to LINSTOR. This
> will implicitly also fix the signals issue (those are called "events" in
> LINSTOR), because LINSTOR uses its own protocol instead of D-Bus.
> If there is a trivial way to provide a robust fix of the issue in
> drbdmanage in the meantime, we will release an updated version of
> drbdmanage.
> Best regards,
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