[DRBD-user] PVE 5 vzdump in snapshot mode

Michał Szamocki mszamocki at cirrus.pl
Fri May 11 11:50:17 CEST 2018


I had one problem:
ERROR: Backup of VM 112 failed - command 'mount -o ro,noload /dev/drbdpool/vm-112-disk-1.snap_vm-112-disk-1_vzdump_00 /mnt/vzsnap0//' failed: exit code 32

but after adding:
    drbdmanage_cmd(['/usr/bin/drbdmanage', 'create-snapshot', $snapname, $volname, $nodename], "Could not create snapshot for $volname on $nodename");
>    drbdmanage_cmd(['/usr/bin/drbdmanage', 's'], "Could not show snapshots");

this issue didn't return

Any thoughts?

Best regards,

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> Wysłane: wtorek, 24 kwietnia, 2018 15:00:50
> Temat: [DRBD-user] PVE 5 vzdump in snapshot mode

> Hello,
> as my proxmox lxc continers on DBRD storage are getting bigger I need to backup
> them (vzdump) in snapshot mode.
> I know that implementing DRBD snapshot restore in drbdmanage-proxmox addon
> requires some more work but I wonder if is it easier to implement snapshot with
> delete functionality only?
> Best regards,
> MS
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