[DRBD-user] 3 node setup with compression

Muhammad Sharfuddin M.Sharfuddin at nds.com.pk
Wed May 9 15:51:52 CEST 2018

Hello List,

This is a Home Work type question. We have 3 OEL 7.3 boxes(A, B and C). 
A and B are connected

via a Gbps link(so we can use protocol "C"), while Box C is connected to 
both A and B over a slow i,e

10Mbps network.

We are familiar with 3 nodes setup and know how to configure the stack 
resource using

protocol "A", but we are unable to understand how to use compression.

Please refer a document to configure the replication in a 3 node setup 
with compression option.

Muhammad Sharfuddin

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