[DRBD-user] Building drbd-utils in a docker container

Chuck Wolber chuckwolber at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 05:10:46 CEST 2018


This question seems to apply to all versions of drbd-utils from the current
version on back to 8.9.6. Beyond that, I did not have time to look.

I am building drbd-utils in a docker container for the purposes of
packaging it for installation in another system. The docker container does
not have udevadm or udevinfo installed in it, so the resulting drbd-utils
package contains a udev ruleset that is disabled.

Is there a "clean" way to pass an argument to the configure script to
override this behavior and ensure the udev ruleset is not disabled at build

I have a number of ways to work around this issue, but the cleanest way to
do this with our build system is at the configure script stage.

Thank you,

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