[DRBD-user] drbd-utils-9.3.0

Roland Kammerer roland.kammerer at linbit.com
Wed Mar 21 11:10:47 CET 2018


This drbd-utils release should be rather boring for most users. It
accumulates the fixes in the 9.2.x branches and adds some additional
fixes. Mainly for the combination of DRBD9 and DRBD Proxy. Additionally,
we now have Japanese translations for DRBD9 man-pages and a fix for
adjusting diskless nodes that need to delete a minor.

 * update to Japanese man pages
 * fixes for stacking in drbd-9.0
 * fixes for proxy support in drbd-9.0
 * fix adjusting --bitmap=no peer to diskfull
 * VCS: typos and fixes for stacked resources
 * fixes from 9.2.1 and 9.2.2


Regards, rck
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