[DRBD-user] Updating Kernel w/out Updating DRBD

Eric Robinson eric.robinson at psmnv.com
Fri Jun 22 16:21:10 CEST 2018

> > Also, I find it odd that the option to build from source is only in
> > the DRBD 8.3 User Guide and was left out of the 8.4 and 9.X User
> > Guides. (I'm sure the reason is obvious to everyone else I just missed
> > something.)
> As I maintain parts of the build system and the documentation framework I can
> answer that (happened at least once here on the ML):
> - If information is in the UG and is wrong, it is a bug.
> - Documenting all possible build flavors for all distributions we
>   support is too much maintenance work. Looking at the build system and
>   the various hacks we need for outdated distributions (especially the
>   rpm ones with different and broken macros), that would fill pages in
>   the UG to *really* get it right. And I'm reluctant to accept patches
>   for "the general case", it always outdates and needs maintenance for
>   basically no gain. If you need (special kinds of) packages, you are a)
>   clever enough to figure it out on your own, or b) you let somebody
>   else figure that out for you. Thanks to Veith for his great summary,
>   we as LINBIT obviously also provide all kinds of packages for various
>   kinds of distributions for our customers.
> Regards, rck

Thanks for the clarification. May I suggest that a brief comment such as you provided above would be an excellent addition to the UG? Since the build instructions have always worked for me for the past twelve years, it threw me for a loop when they silently disappeared from the 8.4 and 9.X user guides. I was constantly wondering if I was doing something wrong by using the old instructions as a guideline. 


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