[DRBD-user] [proxmox]Move disk to drbd storage fails...

Massimo De Nadal maxx at digital-system.it
Thu Jun 7 08:07:08 CEST 2018

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Subject: [DRBD-user] [proxmox]Move disk to drbd storage fails...

> Our new 2 nodes proxmox cluster (PVE 5.2) + drbd9 (Linbit repository)
> works fine.

Hi Christophe,

I know my answer it's off-topic, please be patient. 
I'm trying a similar setup (PVE 5.2 + drbd9) but I'm facing stability issues under heavy I/O load: in particular kernel panics during live motion under heavy disk load.

Can I ask you what kind of backend are you using? ZFS or LVM ? Thin provisioned ?
Replication network speed? 
Have you done  stability tests under VERY heavy loads ?

Thank you for your attention.
Kind regards,
Massimo De Nadal

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