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Thanks for the explanation, this was helpful. Currently testing on a 'lab' environment. 
I've got some questions, most are related to linstor itself and not linstor-proxmox specific, hopefully this is the correct thread to expand these questions...
- What's the difference between installing linstor-server package only (which includes linstor-controller and linstor-satellite) and by installing linstor-controller, linstor-satellite separately ?In Linstor documentation, it is mentioned that linstor-server package should be installed on all nodes. However, in your blog post you mention linstor-controller,linstor-satellite and linstor-client.Then later, you mention 'systemctl start linstor-server' which does not exist if you don't install linstor-package. If you try to install controller,satellite and server at the same time, the installation fails with an error in creating controller and satellite systemd units. Which of the above is the correct approach ?
- 3 nodes in the cluster(A,B,C), all configured as 'Combined' nodes, nodeC acts as a controller.   Let's assume that nodeA fails and it will not come up any soon, so I want to remove it from the   cluster.To accomplish that I use  "linstor node delete <NodeA>" . The problem is that the node   (which appears as OFFLINE) it never gets deleted from the cluster. Obviously the controller, is awaiting for the dead node's confirmation and refuses to remove its entry if it doesn't. Is there any way to force   remove the dead node from the database ?  Same applies when deleting a RD,R,VD from the same node. In DM there was a (-f) force option,   which was useful in such situations.

- Is there any option to wipe all cluster information, similar to "drbdmanage uninit" in order to start      from scratch? Purging all linstor packages does not seem to reset this information.
- If nodeC (controller) dies, then logically must decide which of the surviving nodes will replace it, let's say nodeB is selected as controller node. After starting linstor-controller service on nodeB and giving "linstor n l" , there are no nodes cluster nodes in the list. Does this mean we have to re-create the cluster from scratch (guess no) or there's a way to import the config from the dead nodeC?
thanks in advance,Yannis

Short answer: somehow if you really know what your are doing. No don't

do that.


- you can not use both plugins at the same time. Both claim the "drbd"

  name. Long story, it has to be like this. Hardcoded "drbd" in

  Plugin.pm which is out of our control.

- DM/LS would not overwrite each others res files, but depending on your

  configuration/default ports/minors, the results (one res file from DM,

  one unrelated from LINSTOR might conflict because of port/minor


So if you want to test the LINSTOR stuff/plugin, do it in a "lab".

Migration will be possible, also "soon" (testing the plugin and linstor

makes this soon sooner ;-) ). Roughly it will be a DM export of the DB +

a linstor (client) command that reads that json dump and generates

linstor commands to add these resources to the LINSTOR DB (with the

existing ports/minors,...). LINSTOR is then clever enough to not create

new meta-data, it will see that these resources are up and fine. This

will be a documented procedure for which steps you do in what order.

Regards, rck


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