[DRBD-user] How unstable is latest git?

Eddie Chapman eddie at ehuk.net
Thu Jul 19 13:14:18 CEST 2018

Thanks for clarifying that Roland, sounds like what is in git in between 
releases should be considered quite unstable then, so I'll stay well 
away until the next release. Looking forward to it :-)


On 17/07/18 14:42, Roland Kammerer wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 17, 2018 at 01:08:43PM +0100, Eddie Chapman wrote:
>> I keep an eye on commits to the drbd 9 repository
>> https://github.com/LINBIT/drbd-9.0/
>> and I see quite a few have gone in since 9.0.14-1 was released end of April
>> ( thanks all at Linbit for the hard work :-) )
>> I'm planning on rebooting a couple of drbd servers using 9.0.14-1 this
>> weekend to update the kernels (I use the kernel.org stable releases) and am
>> thinking I might build the kernels with the latest drbd git rather than the
>> 9.0.14-1 tarball.
>> My question is, how "unstable" would you guys say the latest git is?
>> Is it a case of "Don't even think about doing that, you're crazy, you'll be
>> lucky if it even builds, we don't even test it ourselves. Just stick to the
>> releases or it will eat your data." ?
>> Or is it more like "there is a small risk you'll be burnt since it has not
>> been widely tested, you're on your own of course, but more than likely we've
>> fixed more bugs than we've introduced so it will probably be OK" ?
>> Maybe it's an impossible question .. just trying to get a feel ...
> It is one of those impossible questions. The reason why we push things
> in between releases might have various reasons. Maybe we show a proposed
> fix, maybe we show something new for testing (which might break things).
> For in-between there is no "guarantee" what so ever, sorry, there is no
> general rule. And usually we also don't push public in between releases.
> But the next release should be "real soon now" ;-).
> Regards, rck
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