[DRBD-user] Managing a 3-node DRBD 9 resource in pacemker

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Mon Feb 12 01:08:49 CET 2018

Hi all,

  I was trying to manage DRBD in pacemaker for a test cluster I built.
It's a 3-node cluster; Node 1 & 2 are in pacemaker and are protocol C
with proper fencing. The third node is a DR node, protocol A.

  At first, I just added DRBD as a systemd service (quick and dirty, I
know it's not good long term). When I had the DR node's drbd service
running, everything was fine. When I down'ed it though, pacemaker said
it timed out starting drbd (I assume because both nodes were still
waiting for the DR node to connect).

  So I decided to try to switch to ocf:linbut:drbd, but I don't know how
to set it up such that it doesn't care about the DR node's state
(specially because the DR is not part of the pacemaker cluster).

  Is it possible with the current RA to setup such that it only monitors
the two nodes in pacemaker and ignores the state of the DR node?


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